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Our mission is to educate all learners to reach their potential as productive citizens.

Jeff S. Eide, Superintendent


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  • Mrs. Olson and her daily handshakes with each individual student! Nice job Mrs. Olson!Read Full Post

    Posted: September 13, 4:07 PM
  • Mrs. Frei's 1st Graders and Mrs. Olson's 6th Graders make great Reading Buddies!Read Full Post

    Posted: September 13, 3:27 PM
  • Mrs. Gill's Meals class enjoyed a Rice Krispie lab, shaping them into their favorite foods.Read Full Post

    Posted: September 13, 12:32 PM
  • Read Full Post

    Posted: September 13, 10:05 AM
  • 27 Students in the Introduction to Health Care class taught by Mrs. Stendahl in Whitehall for students in the co-op were able to register for college credits today, saving each student over $360....Read Full Post

    Posted: September 10, 8:28 PM
  • Introduction to Health Careers class is one of the co-op classes for students from Arcadia, Blair-Taylor, Independence and Whitehall. It is taught by Mrs. Stendahl in Whitehall. Recently, guest...Read Full Post

    Posted: September 10, 8:17 PM
  • These students, who are taking Foundations of Early Childhood Education this semester, just saved their families $11, 000 by signing up for transcripted credit for CVTC. Incredible!Read Full Post

    Posted: September 10, 2:51 PM
  • Several BT football players got up early Saturday morning and provided a real service to the community by working with the fire department to repaint nearly every fire hydrant in town. Thanks for your...Read Full Post

    Posted: September 8, 10:21 PM
  • Congratulations to the BT Varsity Football team who last night not only had a decisive victory over Cochrane-Fountain City, but who also honored our veterans with a wonderful recognition by allowing...Read Full Post

    Posted: September 7, 7:51 PM
  • We plan to live stream the football game tonight. Enjoy!Read Full Post

    Posted: September 6, 6:07 PM
  • Who needs playground equipment when there's a gigantic pile of mulch to play on? Our Kinders are enjoying the opportunity before the mulch is spread throughout the playground.Read Full Post

    Posted: September 6, 11:47 AM
  • Just a reminder that there will be a Veterans Appreciation Night in conjunction with the high school football game against C-F-C tonight. To be on time to see the eleven veterans who will be...Read Full Post

    Posted: September 6, 10:12 AM
  • MS Girls Cross County! Blair-Taylor Proud!Read Full Post

    Posted: September 6, 8:55 AM
  • On Sept. 20, at 5:00 pm, there will be a parent meeting for the band and choir trip to NYC in 2022. This trip is open to all band and choir students currently in 6th-9th grades. If you are interested...Read Full Post

    Posted: September 4, 8:34 AM
  • As today is our first early-out Wednesday of the school year, we wanted to remind you that elementary students will be released at 2:30 today, while the 7-12 students will be dismissed at 2:33.Read Full Post

    Posted: September 4, 8:23 AM


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Monday, September 16, 2019


School Board Meeting

Monday, Sept. 16, 5:30 pm